View Full Version : DM800-Netgear router says port is open but CCCAM says it's closed :-(

24-09-2011, 03:11 PM
Hi there,

Can someone help test whether my port can be seen through cccam?

I've got a NETGEAR Wireless Router, and I've forwarded port 12000 and ShieldsUp tells me the port is definitely open.

However when I go into the cccam v1.3c okugin on my DM800 HD it say's I have no connected clients, although have 5 peers and am C/S from these servers ok.

Can someone help as I'm tearing my hair out!!!?!?!


24-09-2011, 03:30 PM
this 1.3c , dont know that one at all

cccam 213 should work for this if your card is being read , and will open the port for you if you have forwarded tcp and udp

you dont need any ports forwarded to receive , but I assume you have changed the listening port on your dm800 as well ?

so make sure you can view the channel locally on the dm800

make sure the port TCP and UDP are both forwarded to the fixed ip of the dm800 ( manual not auto )

make sure the dm800 fixed ip and mac code are allowed in the lan sharing in the admin panel

check the port is open at canyouseeme

make sure your host server has your current net ip

make sure the client has the correct c line , and check your f line too

lastly , consider using oscam for reading and not cccam , ie:- oscam + cccam where oscam reads and cccam shares

or swap totally to oscam instead

ps:- check your connected clients using the webif

change the 0.10 to whatever your dreambox ip is fixed to , and the 12000 port to 16001 or whatever the cccam is using

24-09-2011, 04:01 PM
Thanks echelon.

Just to clarify, I'm running cccam 2.2.1 (the v1.3c is the version of the plugin I'm using to view my cccam 2.2.1 settings). Am using OpenPli image.

My DM 800 is sitting behind my Netgear router.

Listening is fine, but the sharing is not working.

All the C: lines I've shared have 12000 and I've forwarded this port on my Router with the ip address of my DM 800.

Canyouseeme says it can see my port 12000.

What I cannot do though is SHARE as the plugin says I have no connected clients. This is really strange.

I used webif and it returns weird characters like %„WAC]

I hope this has narrowed it down a bit. Any ideas?

24-09-2011, 04:52 PM
mmm , so you are talking about the cccam info plugin

I cannot give advice on cccam 221 , as I use 213 , but if its doing its job and setup correctly you should see the clients in the webif as mentioned earlier , I know I do , although I use a different image , but the image should be irrelevant as its the cccam doing the work

try cccam 213 and check through the webif , if that works you know its something local , also check the dm800 is opening the channels too , as it should definitely open them as a local , never mind send them through the netgear to your host server

forget the plugin for now and get it working the way I said , checking using the webif

24-09-2011, 07:34 PM

Thanks again for taking the trouble to respond.

I finally figured out what was wrong.

I ended up resetting my router, and started from scratch.

When I setup port forwarding this time i set up TCP/UDP, I think previously I only set it to TCP. Now my clients are connected :respect-014:

I only got into this problem because I tried installing a DLINK router and then realised there are some known problems trying to port forward using this router. Loads of people reporting problems on forums..so I went back to my trusty NETGEAR.

Thanks again and have a good weekend!


24-09-2011, 09:06 PM
makes sense , especially as I had mentioned using both

and yes a trusty netgear is a damn fine piece of kit !!